Food Products and ingredients

Fruit and Vegetables – Freeze Dried

Freeze Dried Sliced Apple

Freeze Dried Strawberry

Freeze Dried Banana Sliced

Freeze Dried Papaya

Freeze Dried Pineapple

Fruit and Vegetables – Dehydrated

White onion powder

White onion flakes

Red onion powder

Red onion flakes

Garlic powder

Garlic flakes


Jaggery Powder (Organic)

Jaggery Powder (Chemical Free)

Honey Powder

Whey Protein Concentrate


Soya Powder

Gum acacia/ Arabic crystals or powder

Coconut Fat Powder

Sunflower Fat Powder

Cheese Powder

Yogurt Powder

Soya Sauce Powder

Potato Starch

Food Colors

Spirulina Powder

Coconut Sugar

Curcumin Extract


Malic Acid

Lactic Acid

Liquid Glucose

Malt Extract