About us

FARM TO FORK SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD is multi dimensional service provider from Agro-Harvest to Processed Food Business and Pharma & Cosmetic Industry.
Farm to Fork is a Growth Oriented Organization run by visionary group of Experienced Food Technologists, Pharmacist, Cosmetologists and diversified experts from leading institutes.
We provide Customized Value added servicesbased on customer’s Expectations & Requirement.

Our Vision

  1. We aspire to play the role of a coach, mentor, counselor, advisor, trainer & consultant so that we can develop skilled & competent human resources for the Food Processing , Pharma and Cosmetic Sector.
  2. We aspire to keep ourselves updated with the recent advancements in the area of Food Safety across the Globe.
  3. We aspire to create demand for and cater to the need of Learning Food Safety aspects amongst the students, farmers, end consumers & other stakeholders of the Food Industry at local, national & international level.
  4. We aspire to act as a connecting link amongst the Academia/ Research Organizations and various layers of the Food Chain (e.g., Farmer, Manufacturer, End Consumer, etc.) and pharma  & cosmetic industries so as to enable the technology to reach to the stakeholders .

Our Mission

To service society at large & alleviate Food safety & Food security issues by acting as a connecting link between all sections of Food Industry.

Our Values

  • Being honest
  • Collaborating
  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Always exceeding expectations
  • Ensure to provide Safe and Healthy Food Globally

Meet the Team

Mr. Umesh Kamble


Ms. Akshaya Dubbewar

Food Technologist

Ms. Shweta Mohite

Food Technologist

Ms. Nidhi Deshpande

Food Technologist

Mr. Ansar Shekh

Food Technologist

Ms. Nausheen siddique

Food Technologist

Miss Simi Ali

Food Technologist

Miss Janhavi Kansara

Food Technologist

Advisory Members

Dr. Shalini Arya

Professor of Food Technology in ICT

Mr. Madhav Dhone

Legal & Metrology Advisor

Mr. Dabhade

Food & Drug Advisor


  • We are associated with AFSTI (Association of Food Scientists and Technologists India).
  • We are training partners of FoSTaC (Food Safety Training & Certification Portal).  FoSTaC offers nine different types of courses meant for different types of food business on different competency level.

Our Trusted Clients